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Is It Normal to Lose Your Sex Drive?

Is It Normal to Lose Your Sex Drive?

Shifts in your desire for sex, also know as your libido or sex drive, are common and natural throughout life. When you completely lose your libido or notice a significant drop, however, you may be dealing with a condition in need of treatment. And regardless, you shouldn’t have to grin and bear a bothersome sex drive loss.

Jeffery Tun, MD, with offices in Midtown East, Forest Hills, and the Queens neighborhoods in New York City, diagnoses and treats causes of low libido to help you regain the intimacy you’ve been missing. 

Keep reading to learn more about sex drive loss, including common causes and effective solutions.

Causes of low libido

In order to restore your libido, you need to understand what’s fueling the decline. And that cause may be physiological, emotional, or a combination of the two.

A range of factors can lead to a reduced sex drive, including:

Once your libido drops, you may also experience added related issues, like low moods and relationship tension. And it’s easy to miss the benefits of an active sex life, such as boosted self esteem, better sleep, and improved immune function.

What to do about your reduced sex drive

If you’re experiencing low libido, Dr. Tun will conduct a physical exam and run blood tests to check your hormone levels and confirm or rule out potential causes. He’ll also ask you about your medical history and any other symptoms you may be experiencing while checking for signs of chronic disease.

If it turns out that your hormones are unbalanced, Dr. Tun may recommend hormone replacement therapy to restore normal levels. For other chronic issues, he offers treatments to reduce inflammation. Lifestyle changes, such as improved sleep habits, may also help increase your sex drive.

For mental health problems that may be fueling your libido loss, Dr. Tun can refer you to a qualified specialist. You may benefit from sessions with a sex and relationship therapist, for example, who specializes in your specific concerns.

To learn more about sex drive decline or to get the care you need, call one of our offices or request an appointment through our website today.

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