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Chronic And Acute Wounds

Jeffery Tun, MD

Primary Care Physician located in Midtown East, New York, NY & Forest Hills, NY

Proper medical care for chronic and acute wounds discourages infection and encourages quick healing. At the office of Jeffery Tun, MD, in Midtown East, Manhattan in New York City, Dr. Tun and his team provide treatment for all types of wounds. Call today or use this website to book an appointment online to schedule and get the wound care you need.

What is involved in chronic and acute wound care?

When you have a skin lesion, ulcer, or cut, proper wound care helps them heal with minimal complications. Wound care is customized to the type of injury you have and its severity. 

Dr. Tun offers care for:

  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Cellulitis
  • Pressure injuries
  • Burns
  • Venous ulcers
  • Extremity wounds with edema

Non-healing surgical and chronic wounds need special care because they heal slowly and often continue to drain or bleed. Chronic wounds like these are more vulnerable to developing an infection.

How do you care for chronic and acute wounds?

If you come to the office of Jeffery Tun, MD, with an acute wound, the first goal of treatment is to stop immediate bleeding. Dr. Tun evaluates the wound and asks questions about what caused it. He’ll clean the area and apply topical medication to prevent infection. 

If after evaluation, he determines that you need stitches or staples to hold the wound closed, he’ll numb the area with a topical anesthetic and apply the closures.

Wounds that show signs of infection, like redness, swelling, or discharge, may require you to take antibiotics. Dr. Tun may need to do minor surgery, or debridement, of long-standing wounds that have dead tissue. Debridement involves removing this tissue and thoroughly cleaning the area to promote healing in the healthy tissue. 

If necessary, Dr. Tun wraps your wound in gauze or a bandage and teaches you about proper wound care at home. 

How do I care for chronic or acute wounds at home?

After your treatment at the office of Jeffery Tun, MD, you are given comprehensive instructions on caring for your wound at home. You’ll learn how to keep the wound clean and dressed. 

You may also be instructed to apply ice to the area if needed, take over-the-counter pain medications, and avoid putting pressure on the wound. If you start to show any signs of infection, it’s important you contact the office right away and schedule a follow-up visit. 

Call the office of Jeffery Tun, MD, if you need care for a chronic or acute wound. Alternatively, use this website to book an appointment online right away.